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Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Online home value calculators are a very popular way to get a quick and easy home value estimate in the privacy of your own home without waiting.  HOWEVER I have found these online property value calculators wrong more often than not – especially if your home sports some unique characteristics that could enhance your home’s property value.

Some of the unique items in Las Vegas homes that may enhance and bring up the home value may include:

  • Large Lot Size
  • Pool or Spa
  • Upgrades
  • Guard Gated Community
  • Golf Frontage
  • Lake Frontage

These online home value calculators sometimes adjust the property value correctly for the unique characteristic but not most of the time.

For example, there is a property listed in SW Las Vegas on a SUPER large lot.  The listing price is $175K.   Zillow estimates $146000 & Corelogic estimates $198K.  That’s a pretty HUGE difference.  If the seller were to list it at Zillow’s price, they could be leaving money on the table.  If the seller were to list it at Corelogic’s price, they could be sitting on an aging & stagnating listing in a declining market.

When I use my own house as an example, Zillow estimates $206k & Corelogic estimates $200K.  When you put the pen to the paper and add the amenities on (pool, condition, balcony, views) then it shoots up to $220K.  If I was listing my home and if I relied on those, I could be leaving a significant chunk of change behind!

If you need to find out what your home is worth an appraisal is definitely worth the couple hundred dollars you may pay for it if it means netting tens of thousands more or an aging listing in a declining market (which can also leave money on the table if not priced right the first time around!)

Now where can you get a free home value estimate from some human eyeballs and a brain?  You can get a complimentary home evaluation consultation from filling out that form!  I am not an appraiser but I do have extensive BPO/pricing experience.  Your no obligation complimentary home evaluation consultation that is delivered to the privacy of your email box (no appointment necessary) includes:

  • Tiered pricing (quick sale, 60-90 day marketing time, 180 day marketing time)
  • Net Sheet (commission and other selling expenses)
  • Marketing Plan (extensive exposure for your home)

I understand that you cannot be pressured when selling is considered in this distressed market so I give you the numbers and you can make the decision on your own time!


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